I’m Lauren.  Colors, love, laughter, sunlight and shadows are how I see the world. 

I have a tendency to look for the positive. The light. The pretty. It’s everywhere.

I love kids.  They are magic.  Tiny balls of pure love and light and they give the best hugs.

I’m a former teacher and hold a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

I love to create – crafts, paintings, images, you name it.  My husband Joe and I have created two amazing little people, Aiden and Juliet.  They are my best part, my greatest creation.

I love running and red wine; usually not at the same time! I definitely consider myself a foodie. Every aspect of food fascinates me; shopping for it, learning about it, cooking it and of course devouring it. 

I’m a believer that all children are artists and should be given every opportunity to cultivate their gifts.  I believe in books.  Books are everything and fill every corner of my house.  They are stacked high on shelves, crammed in baskets and are over-flowing in bowls.  To me, books are the epitome of creativity and expression and I can’t imagine a world without them.  Being able to write a book and share it with my children and the world is a dream come true and such an incredible honor.  I am truly grateful for this opportunity.

Aiden & Juliet

Aiden & Juliet

In a perfect world, my life would be full of delicious food, wine and road trips with my camera in hand, watching my kids explore the world.